Rain was produced at Griffith Film School as part of the 2012 graduation slate.

An Old Man and a deaf Boy live alone in the middle of a desolate wasteland of a future where it hasn't rained for 50 years. Their home exists on the outskirts of what, long ago, used to be a civilised town. But now the water is gone and the pair survives off of the last remains of a secret well beneath their home. As the well runs dry and desperate savages roam the countryside there is nowhere left to turn, the Old Man realises that their days are numbered.

Rain is currently enjoying a healthy festival run having screened at the Cannes Court Metrage, Hollyshorts Film Festival and the New York City Independent Film Festival amongst others. It has also won awards at the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival 2013 and the Silver Wave Film Festival 2013.


  • Jack Henry
  • Jacob Worth
  • Dan Eady

Written by

  • Henry Boffin

Produced by

  • Liam Heyen


Best International Short Film - Silver Wave Film Festival 2013

Best Short Film - Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival 2013

Best Actor - Young at Heart Film Festival 2014

Offical Selection

The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival 2014

Brisbane Backyard Film Festival 2014

American Online Film Awards 2014

ICCG Think Forward Film Festival 2013

Beijing Film Academy 12th International Student Film & Video Festival 2013

In the Woods Festival 2013

Williamsburg International Film Festival 2013

Indie Spirit Film Festival 2013

Canberra Short Film Festival 2013

Down Under Berlin Film Festival 2013

New York Independent Film Festival 2013

Hollyshorts Film Festival 2013

Court Metrage - Cannes Film Festival 2013