Short Film


Tin Can

Produced by Liam Heyen
© Liam Heyen 2011

Tin Can is a short science fiction film produced at Griffith University, where it won Best Film at the 2011 Second Year Griffith University Film Awards. It has also been nominated at QNFA for best production design.

In the near future a one manned satellite solitarily orbits Pluto at the edge of our solar system. Its function: to send signals and pulses into deep space and await a reply from intelligent life. On board is Travis Dailey, 35, a worker on a two year contract.  His only company his Jack Russel, Tucker. His only view the millions of stars out of a small porthole window.

Tired of his tin can and coming close to the end of his two year term Travis is ready to head back to Earth to his waiting wife. But just as escape is nigh a mysterious signal arrives from somewhere out in space. A signal which could just change his plans forever.

Tin Can